The Vila Velha Terminal (TVV), located in Vila Velha, Espírito Santo, is a port terminal specialized in transportation (loading ans unloading) and storage of containers and general cargo (equipment, machinery, spare parts, vehicles, granite, steel products and bulk).

TVV is an excellente alternative for import and export cargo operations, with a wide range of shipowners and routes to the main national and international ports.  The terminal also has good infrastructure for internal cargo distribution through road, railway and sea transportation, generating exclusive competitive advantages.

TVV has an area of 108 thousand m2 and an annual nominal transportation capacity of 350 thousand TEUs. The achoring dock has 450 meters long, with 2 berths (203 and 204).

The terminal also offers a very large and well-structured storage area, which allows for a more secure and efficiente planning of cargo transportation and has an area for non-refrigerated food and health products.

The TVV port lease agreement lasts until September 2048.