Cabotage legislation and regulations:

Cabotage transport is a complete modal, with an active legislation, being supervised and monitored by the government and other regulatory agencies

 Law 9432/1997, of January 8, 1997: Establishes the Water Transportation Structure
Regulates the chartering of international vessels, provides the definition of different types of vessels and creates REB (Special Brazilian Register)

 Law 10893, of July 13, 2004
AFRMM – Additional Freight for the Renewing of the Merchant Marine

 OTM Law: Law 9611/1998 – OTM, of July 20, 2007
OTM – Transport Multimodal Operator

 Law 10233/2001, of June 5, 2001
Provides for the Restructuring of Water Transport and creates ANTAQ, Brazil’s Water Transport Agency

 Normative Resolution 01-ANTAQ, of February 13, 2015:
Regulates Chartering