On April 16, 2018, at the headquarters of LOG-IN – LOGÍSTICA INTERMODAL S.A., shareholders representing 41.97% of the Company’s voting and total capital attended the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting, as recorded in the Shareholders’ Attendance Book, also considering the shareholders who cast their votes through the distance voting ballot. Mr. Nelson Mascarenhas Rezende, member of the Company’s Fiscal Council and Mr. Eduardo Amaral, auditor of Ernst & Young Auditores Independentes S.S. also attended the meeting. The Management’s overall and annual compensation for the 2018 fiscal year at up to R$8,704,549.16, including members of the Fiscal Council, to be distributed among the managers according to the criteria set out by the Board of Directors, subject to the following limits: (a) up to R$1,308,000.00 to the Board of Directors; and (b) up to R$7,396,700.00 to the Board of Executive Officers, being up to R$3,828,600.00 as fixed compensation and up to R$3,568,100.00 as variable compensation. The compensation of the members of the Fiscal Council was fixed in the total amount of R$182,772.00, to be equally divided among them.