At the Annual Shareholders‘ Meeting of Log-In, held on April 27, 2017, at the Company‘s headquarters, with shareholders representing 55.02% of the voting and total capital, pursuant to the signatures in the Shareholders‘ Attendance Book, thus verifying the quorum to install the Annual Shareholders‘ Meeting. Among other resolutions, the shareholders approved the Management‘s compensation proposal for 2017, totaling R$7,319,700.00, as follows: (a) Compensation for the Board of Directors: annual overall compensation of R$1,488,000.00; (b) Compensation for the Fiscal Council: annual overall compensation of R$186,400.00; and (c) Compensation for the Executive Board: annual overall compensation of up to R$5,645,300.00, with R$3,785,700.00 corresponding to fixed compensation and R$1,859,600.00 corresponding to the variable compensation from the total compensation amount for the management.