Sustainable Logistics Solutions

In a country with 8,000 km of coastline, such as Brazil, Cabotage offers many environmental benefits.
Log-In makes rational and efficient use of intermodal transport, offering Coastal Shipping services, which emit fewer toxic gases like CO2 and NOx into the atmosphere from the burning of fuel. By using highway transport exclusively for short distances, it is possible to optimize the logistics processes to benefit both the environment and businesses, which can expand the reach of their services without increased expenses or extra investments.

Understand how Log-In operates in a rational and sustainable manner:


Energy Efficiency

Cabotage uses eight times less fuel to transport the same amount of cargo.

Studies show that Brazil can increase its volume of transport by 20% without emitting an additional grams of CO . To do this, its transportation matrix must be revised. Excluding the deforestation of the Amazon and other biomes, the transportation sector is primarily responsible for CO emissions in Brazil. Log-In advocates the more efficient use of all modes of transport, which is why it is investing in providing cabotage services in Brazil.



Increased Safety. Protecting Life

With the use of cabotage, we reduce the levels of polluting gases and also contribute to saving lives.

Log-In is offering a solution to balance the transport matrix and increase the volume of multi-modal cargo transport. Through our controls, the safety of the mode of transport and the possibility of tracking cargo, we have been able to drastically reduce the number of accidents caused by our operations.

Management of Corporate Risks

Responsible for supporting the organization in matters of governance, risk and compliance, guiding the management of business risks in accordance with laws and regulations and their respective internal controls, besides the management of the Ombudsman, through monitoring, evaluation area and investigation of reports of violations of the Company’s Code of Ethical Conduct.

Integrity of the Cargo

Log-In Cabotage is able to offer Brazilian companies the possibility of improving the integrity of the transported cargo, reducing the rates of damage and theft.

Sustainability in Practice

Environmental Monitoring

The water quality of Vila Velha and Camaçari terminals are evaluated and monitored through periodic analysis of water and wastewater. Inspections and environmental audits are developed in order to acting preemptively to reduce the possible risks of environmental damage associated with activities.
The results are carefully evaluated by the indicators allowing the establishment of environmental performance goals.

Waste Management

The garbage selective collection on ships, offices and terminals enables the reuse and recycling of waste generated, contributing to generate direct and indirect jobs, to increase the useful life of landfills and the preservation of the environment by minimizing the possible impacts.
It is made educational activities for the reduction and minimization of waste generation since its source. Subsequently, they are routed through companies licensed for environmentally correct disposal.

Clean-Up Program

The Clean-up Program developed at Vila Velha Terminal in partnership with the Federation of Transport Companies (FETRANSPORTES) aims to help improve air quality and rational use of fuel in diesel vehicles that circulate through the Terminal.

Structure Response to Environmental Emergencies

Vila Velha Terminal implemented the Individual Emergency Plan and the Emergency Care Plan, the latter also present in Camaçari Terminal, incorporating those measures and actions to be taken in case of environmental emergencies.
Aiming to prepare the team for combat actions and response journals and specific training simulations are performed. Materials and human resources also take part of the structure. Thus, an emergency can be solved in a short time, significantly reducing the impact on the environment.

Program Community Fund Network

The Community Fund Network is an initiative of the Inter-American Network of Foundations and Corporate Actions for Grassroots Development – RedEAmerica, joint with the Interamerican Foundation – IAF.
In Brazil, Log-In is a partner in Vila Velha region along with six other members of RedEAmerica foundations.
The program is aimed at establishing and strengthening alliances that contribute to combating poverty through a development model, encouraging a model of local development, from the support of grassroots projects designed collectively, from interaction between different actors and encouraging the formation of groups, committees and local networks.

Control and Evaluation of Legislation and Other Requirements-CAL®

Log-In has a contract with a consulting firm that developed the software CAL®, a ‘web‘ system in ASP.Net/SQL technology, with a database which currently has over 30 000 registered standards. This modern software allows Log-In to make identifying, updating, monitoring and integrated management of legal requirements applicable to activities.

Technical Report on Environmental Warranty

Aiming to sustain a communication permanent channel with the authorities and to present to stakeholders the developments in environmental management of the organization, Camaçari Intermodal Terminal developed the Technical Report on Environmental Warranty and through his committee have been working with the purpose of coordinating , evaluate and demonstrate the plans, programs, projects and activities of the company with the potential to cause impacts on the environment, thereby acting to advance an unwanted event.