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Coastal Shipping – Container

In Coastal Shipping – Container, Log-In offers container transportation services to the entire Brazilian coast as well as in the Mercosur.

The Company currently operates the following services:

  • Amazonas Service (SAM): serves the regular route through the South and North regions of Brazil;
  • South Atlantic Service (SAS): operates the route that connects Brazil (Northeast, Southeast and South regions) with Mercosur countries.

Log-in currently operates a fleet of six container vessels (four of which are owned by the Company and two built at Brazilian shipyards), with a total nominal capacity of 15,300 TEU. In November 2017, Log-In entered into an agreement to purchase a vessel with a nominal capacity of 2,700 TEU, which is under construction in China and is expected to be completed by April 2019.

Coastal Shipping – Vehicles

Log-In transports vehicles using Roll-on Roll-off vessels. The vehicles are transported by forklifts inside the vessel, just like a garage where the vehicles are piled one on top of the other.

Terminal de Vila Velha (TVV)

Vila Velha Terminal (TVV), located in the city of Vila Velha, state of Espírito Santo, is among the Brazilian terminals with best production ratios in loading and unloading of containers, according to the Brazilian Association of Public Container Terminals (ABRATEC). TVV is also specialized in operating general cargo ships (equipment, machinery, spare parts, vehicles, granite and steel products).

The terminal has 25 years concession agreement (until 2023), with automatic renewal for 25 years more, depending on economic conditions.

The terminal is an excellent alternative for import and export cargo operations, offering a wide range of carriers and routes to major domestic and international ports. It also has a good infrastructure for internal load distribution by road, rail and marine modes, creating unique competitive advantages.

TVV has an area of 108,000 m2 and of 350,000 TEUs of nominal capacity. The quay has 450 meters long, with 2 berths (203 and 204).. CODESA (the Espírito Santo Port Authority) announced that the work to the new draft of the Port of Vitória is in progress. The port‘s current draft has 10.67 meters and it will reach 12.5 meters. The new draft will allow receiving larger ships, more loaded, generating greater profitability to the terminal, putting the State of Espírito Santo once again directly on the active route of international mercantile trade.

TVV also offers an ample and well-structured cargo storage area, which allows to plan the movement of the cargo more safely and effectively. There is also the service of storage for food and health products not chilled.

Other characteristics of TVV: 3 portainers; 2 cranes; 3 transtainers over wheels; 1 transtainer over rails; 7 Reach Stacker and 8 reversible gates. All operations are controlled by computerized systems – NAVIS system.

Intermodal Terminals

Log-In owns the following intermodal terminals:  Itajaí Terminal and Guarujá Terminal.

The Itajaí Terminal covers an area of 44,000 sqm, located 12 km from the Port of Navegantes, Santa Catarina state. The terminal offers warehousing, separation and cross-docking services and serves as access point for the North and South regions of the state.

The Guarujá Terminal is located inside a client’s plant in order to give support to its operations.