Sustainability Report (GRI)

Log-In is taking a big step towards becoming a company that is increasingly committed to the future. As an integrated shipping and logistics company, we offer a more sustainable transport alternative, which directly contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. We intend to be positioned as specialists in sustainable logistics, and this goes beyond business purposes. This is the focus of the entire team, who are fully engaged and committed to our ESG agenda. We selected the GRI international standard to present our results, as it makes it comparable and increases the transparency of the impact of our actions on the different pillars of our ESG strategy. Furthermore, our report was audited and assured by independent third parties.

Click here to download Log-In 2020 Sustainability Report.


Sustainable Logistics Solutions

In a country with 8,000 km of coastline, such as Brazil, Cabotage offers many environmental benefits.
Log-In makes rational and efficient use of intermodal transport, offering Coastal Shipping services, which emit fewer toxic gases like CO2 and NOx into the atmosphere from the burning of fuel. By using highway transport exclusively for short distances, it is possible to optimize the logistics processes to benefit both the environment and businesses, which can expand the reach of their services without increased expenses or extra investments.

Understand how Log-In operates in a rational and sustainable manner:

Energy Efficiency
Increased Safety. Protecting Life
Integrity of the Cargo
Sustainability in Practice